Funny SMS



Bewafa, Dard and Tragedy SMS Messages

Love happens they say

Love happens they say,
When u think of someone all day,
Someone, somewhere is hurt
But there are tears on your face


Love hurts the most

Love hurts when you break up with some one.
Hurts even more when someone breaks up with you
But love hurts the most when the person,
You love has no idea how you feel.


She touched my soul

I loved her from my heart,
She touched my soul n shake my heart,
I found her mine, but that wasn’t true,
I cried all night but she never dew,
Was it wrong to express my love?
Was it the same reason she left?


The tradegy about life is not death

The tradegy about life is not death itself
But it’s when something dies within you while
U still alive bcoz u live 2 fell the hurt,
Love is very important in life and it almost died within me
But u came and rescued it.