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English SMS Messages


“FRIEND” Who is:
F : First for me,
R : Ready anytime for me,
I : Inspire me,
E : Enjoy life with me,
N : Never forgets me,
D : Dear its U.
Always “FRIEND”.


FRIENDSHIP is the gift that goes on

“FRIENDSHIP” is the gift that goes on,
Giving & is a gift to both the person,
Given to & to the giver as well.
But to really make it work it isn’t,
Enough to give to another person.
You have also to let them give to you.


You Bitch

U are a…
B. I. T. C. H.
R u smiling now?
“You Bitch


1 Message received

1 Message received,
1 Nice person sent it,
1 Bakra is reading it,
Bakra is angry now
Bakra is still reading,
Bakra now forward this message to another bakra.


1 sec without YOU

My teacher taught me that …
1 Hour =60 min and
1min= 60 sec but
She never told me that,
1 sec without ‘YOU’ is
equal to 100 years.


1000 ways

1000 words I could say,
1000 wishes I could pray,
1000 miles legs could walk,
1000 sounds a mouth could talk,
1000 times i’ll b true,
1000 ways 2 say i luv u!


12 Stages of modern love

12 Stages of modern love!

January - Rose
February - Propose
March - Gift
April - Lift
May - Chatting
June - Dating
July - Miss you
August - Kiss you
September - Anger
October - Danger
November - Left
December - Next Love


2 care 4 U is an art

2 know U is an adventure,
2 care 4 U is an art,
2 listen 2 U is an honor,
2 talk 2 U is a pleasure,
but 2 have U as my friend,
Is an absolute treasure!!!


3 Words : I Love U

3 words made my heart beat faster,
3 words made my legs shake,
3 words made my head spin,
3 words: I love you!


5 greatest words…

5 greatest words : I dun wanna lose U.
4 pleasant words : I care for U.
3 sweet words : I admire U.
2 wonderful words : Miss U.
1 most important word : “U”


A birthday is a million moments

A birthday is a million moments,
Each holding a promise of ur dreams,
Accomplishments of some special plans.
Wish U a very “Happy Birthday”.


A cup of hot hello

A cup of hot hello’s,
A plate of crispy wishes,
A spoon of sweet smiles,
A slice of great success,
Hope this breakfast makes
Ur day lovely.
Good morning.


A father is like a god

A father is like a god who gives all the happiness to his son,
I cant live without you dad,
I love you dad,


A friend …

A friend gives hope when life is low,
A friend is a place when you have nowhere to go,
A friend is honest,
a friend is true,
A friend is precious a friend is U.


A friend like U

Life is short but it’s very difficult to spend alone,
We need someone with whom we can share our feelings,
And that’s why we make friends,
I’m thankful to god becoz he has give me a friend like U.


A gem is going to born

In my past life, god said a gem is going to be born on (date) and I give u a boon that u get to be this beautiful gem’s friend.

Couldn’t ask for anything more but thank the god for giving me a friend like u.

Happy birthday and don’t forget that someone somewhere is wishing for ur happiness on every falling star.


A girl on the cover

Teacher: What should be in a book to make it a bestseller?
Pappu: A girl on the cover and no cover on the girl.


A good companion

A good companion is not like the rain,
Which comes and goes.
Its like the air,
Some time very quite,
But constantly hanging around.


A good friend

A good friend is like a computer,
He enters in your life,
Save himself in your heart,
Formats all your troubles
And never delete you from his heart.

Happy Friendship Day.


A good friend is like a computer

A good friend is like a computer,
Enter ‘’ur life'’
Save you in my heart;
Format ur problems
‘’Shift'’ u 2 opportunities
Never'’delete'’u from …memory.


A good message

A good message for a good person,
From a good friend for a good reason,
At a good time on a good day in a good mood to say

“Good Morning


A kiss is just a kiss

A kiss is just a kiss,
Till U find the one U love,
A hug is just a hug,
Till U find the one,
You are always thinking of,
A dream is just a dream,
Till it comes true,
Love was just a word,
Till I heard it from U.

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